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After a decade of charcoal drawings based on bodyprints I've wandered down new paths, seeking an expanded concept of imprinting the body. It began with putting color in my drawings. That led me eventually to new art forms. Pastel drawings of birds I photographed in my backyard. A series of paper torsos modeled after my torso. And also videos.

There’s a distinct shift toward the abstract in these works of various sizes. I went from studying bodyprints at a distance of 20 feet to also peering at them through a magnifying glass. These are more soft-spoken than their big, full-bodied sisters; they offer only hints of what they want to be.

A new technique prompted a stream of large narrative works. I lay down on charcoaled paper, leaving imprints that then told me how to finish the drawing. If I surrendered control, the bodyprints suggested imagery I never imagined. Later, working on a small scale resulted in curious images that invite a shift in perception.

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